Licensed Site Safety Managers Are No Longer the Only Qualified Personnel Allowed to Perform Site Safety in New York City

BY DENISE GRONEMAN, Executive Vice President at Certified Site Safety of NY, LLC

New York City, NY – When it comes to site safety management for major building projects the most stringent codes apply to New York City. We have witnessed an unprecedented boom of new construction of high-rise buildings, major alterations, and buildings being built on top of existing and occupied structures.

If you plan on working inside New York City on one or more of these major façade building projects requiring site safety plans, the New York City Buildings Department has implemented a rule change that now allows persons other than licensed site safety managers to perform site safety oversight on façade projects other than recladding. Contractors or owners now may use the following persons as a substitute:

  • Rigger;

  • designated rigging foreman employed by the rigger;

  • qualified person for site safety; or

  • site safety manager.


The rule change, effective July 1, 2016, imposes additional training requirements for those whom fall into the above categories:

  1. Site safety managers must meet all license training requirements.
  2. The licensed rigger; designated rigging foreman; qualified person for site safety must have:
    • Jobsite-specific safety orientation;40-hour site safety manager training (and 7-hour refresher every 3 years thereafter);
    • 32-hour supported scaffold installer training (and 8-hour refresher ever 4 years thereafter);
    • 32-hour suspended scaffold supervisor training (and complete the 8-hour refresher every 4 years thereafter);
    • OSHA 30 or greater construction training.

For our fellow members of International Union of Journeyman and Allied Trades (IUJAT) Certified Site Safety of NY LLC provides safety managers, safety engineering and training for all major building projects. We are approved NYC DOB Course Provider and are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). If you are interested in advancing your career by obtaining the qualifications discussed above, we can help you achieve your goal.

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