Certified Site Safety is a single source which can facilitate all of your engineering, planning and safety needs. Certified plans, designs, develops and engineers an extensive list of services addressing all aspects of the construction process from pre-construction through occupancy. Certified Site Safety maintains excellent public agency relationships with OSHA, ANSF, NYC DOB, FDNY, NYC DOT and NYC DEP. The Engineering Department prides itself on its diverse knowledge base – spanning across numerous disciplines directly related to construction and safety. Our design team is dedicated to ensuring, via proactive planning, that projects are constructed properly, delivered timely and executed safely.

Our Safety Engineering Service List

Construction Meeting

  • Dust / Noise Mitigation Planning
  • NYC DOB Site Safety Plans
  • Safety Logistics Plans
  • Traffic Construction Sign Development
  • DOT Drawings

Professional Design Services

  • Sidewalk Shed Drawings
  • Support Scaffold Drawings
  • Suspended Scaffold Drawings
  • Temporary Standpipe Drawings
  • Fall Arrest Protection Drawings
  • Vertical Netting Drawings
  • Elevator Protection Drawings
  • Personnel / Material Hoist Drawings
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Demolition Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings / Calculations

Drafting Services

  • 3-Dimensional Modeling
  • As-built Drawing Creation
  • Shop Drawings
  • Sub-Contractor Coordination Drawings

Health and Safety Plan Creation

  • Policy or goals statement
  • List of responsible persons
  • Hazard identification
  • Hazard controls and safe practices
  • Emergency and accident response
  • Employee training and communication
  • Recordkeeping

Fire Safety

  • Fire Safety Planning / Emergency Action Planning
  • Construction Site Fire Safety Planning / Egress Plans