NYC DOB 40-hour Site Safety Manager Course

Certified Site Safety offers the NYC DOB 40-hour Site Safety Manager Course. The approved course fulfills all NYC requirements, providing you the needed certification. Our qualified, friendly instructors can help you learn the material and pass the certification examination. To schedule your class, give us a call today: 914-437-5454

NYC DOB 40-hour Site Safety Manager Training

This course fulfills all NYC DOB requirements for those applying as Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators*, and Construction Superintendents* with the NYC Department of Buildings. As per the NYC Construction Codes – Title 28 General Administrative Provisions, to obtain a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator* Certificate applicants must complete & submit to the Licensing Unit a certificate of completion for 40 hours of training. In addition, as per Title 1 Rules of the City of New York 3301-02, to register as a Construction Superintendent*, applicants must complete & submit to the Licensing Unit a certificate of completion for 40 hours of training.
* Course is required depending on the applicant’s qualifications.
Note: a certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion, not a license.


Student must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language the course is held in and must have a valid picture ID required.

Course Description

This course is a comprehensive review of Chapter 33 and the Rules of the City of New York that pertain to public protection during construction. The purpose of the course is to provide training with regards to construction on major buildings, that may be classified by the New York City Building Department, with emphasis on providing not only safety for the public and adjoining property, but to provide safety for worker within the job site as per OSHA requirements. The goal of this course is to provide participants with knowledge of the code requirements of the New York City Buildings Department, New York City Rules, to provide Pedestrians, Adjacent Buildings and Worker with safe work environment both in and around construction sites.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Compare roles and responsibilities of Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, Construction Superintendent, and Concrete Safety Manager.
  2. Define the rules of New York City related to construction.
  3. Define Fire Safety and prevention on a construction site and rules of New York City Fire Code
  4. Explain NYC DOB Chapter 33 Safeguards during Construction and Demolition.
  5. List and define NYC DOT rules and permits.
  6. Identify the permits required and the expiration for each.
  7. Explain what events/situations NYC DOB must be notified for.
  8. List which plans are to be on site during construction.
  9. Define what a Site Safety Plan is and the ability to demonstrate what it must contain.

To receive a certificate/card for the course, students must:

  • Be able to clearly communicate with the instructor and complete all paperwork in the language the course is delivered.
  • Complete all required paperwork: registration, evaluation, attendance, etc.
  • Attend all required hours of the course.
  • Actively participate during class activities and reviews.
  • Complete tests with a passing grade of 70%.

CEUs Awarded

4.0 CEUs

Course Length

40 hours
Certified Site Safety is your partner in acquiring your NYC DOB 40-hour SSM Training. Our qualified, friendly instructors will prepare you for the examination, helping you learn the material and receive your certification. To view currently scheduled NYC DOB 40-hour SSM Classes, visit our monthly calendar. If you do not see a class for the NYC DOB 40-hour SSM, call us and we will schedule one for you. All our courses are conducted at: 99 Lafayette Avenue, White Plains, NY 10603.
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