8-hour Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course

Certified Site Safety offers the 8 Hr Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course. The approved course fulfills all NYC DOB requirements, providing you the needed certification. Our qualified, friendly instructors can help you learn the material and pass the certification examination. To schedule your class, give us a call today: 914-437-5454

8 Hour Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course

The S-56 Certificate of Fitness is required where a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator is required by the Building Code for a construction site. The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) shall conduct an inspection of the construction site and all fire safety measures on at least a daily basis, and maintain a record when construction, demolition and alteration work is being conducted.


Student must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language the course is held in. Valid photo ID required.

Course Description

Introduction to the Fire Code and Fire Department Rules, including their organization and terminology, fire code construction site provisions (FC Chapter 14 and 3 RCNY Chapter 14) and all construction site fire safety requirements, as set forth in the fire code. The course will include review of fire safety plans, inspections and record keeping, fire extinguishers training, procedure for testing fire protection equipment, hot work requirements.

Note: This course is one of several prerequisites to submit application to FDNY and sit for written FDNY Certification of Fitness test.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define FDNY fire safety rules and regulations
  • Define safety methods and ensure best practices for fire safety in order to prevent fires.
  • Submit application to sit for the CSFSM test issued by the FDNY.

To receive a certificate/card for the course, students must:

  • Be able to clearly communicate with the instructor and complete all paperwork in the language the course is delivered.
  • Complete all required paperwork: registration, evaluation, attendance, etc.
  • Attend all required hours of the course.
  • Actively participate during class activities and reviews.
  • Complete tests with a passing grade of 70%.

CEUs Awarded:

0.8 CEUs

Course Length:

8 hours
Certified Site Safety is your partner in acquiring your 8-Hour Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course. Our qualified, friendly instructors will prepare you for the examination, helping you learn the material and receive your certification. To view currently scheduled S-56 classes, visit our monthly calendar. If you do not see a class for the 8-Hour Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course, call us and we will schedule one for you. All our courses are conducted at: 99 Lafayette Avenue, White Plains, NY 10603.
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