OSHA 10-hour General Industry Course

Certified Site Safety offers the OSHA 10-hour General Industry Course. This course is geared towards general industry workers.. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorized instructor will teach this course. Our instructors will help you stand out to employers in fields such as maintenance, warehouse assembly, and security with passing our certification exam. To schedule your class, give us a call today: 914-437-5454

OSHA 10-hour General Industry Training Course

The 10 Hour OSHA General Industry class is intended for general workers, warehousing, and manufacturing employees, foremen, job supervisors and inspectors involved in General Industry activities.


Student must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language the course is held in. Valid photo ID required.

Course Description

The 10 Hour OSHA course is aimed at providing general industry employees from warehousing, manufacturing, foremen, job supervisors, and inspectors OSHA’s best practices for preventing work-related hazards. Students will learn OSHA standards, policies, and procedures. General industry procedures and safety covered in OSHA Act Part 1910 will also be covered. Additionally, workers will be educated on their rights, employers responsibilities, and how to file a complaint. Upon successful completion, workers will receive a 10 Hour General OSHA Industry Course card.
The course is taught by an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorized instructor. Students receive a card acknowledging they have completed the class. OSHA cards do not expire. However, as per the New York City Department of Buildings, the card must have been issued within the past 5 years in order to work on any site.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Know worker’s rights and employer responsibilities under OSHA.
  2. Understand OSHA standards and procedures such as inspections and filing complaints.
  3. Identify major hazards and understand how to avoid them.
  4. How to protect yourself from electrical, and chemical dangers
  5. How to avoid falls associated with working surfaces
  6. Understand OSHA’s inspection priorities
  7. Understand the differences between acute and chronic health effects
  8. Identifying hazards and controls of ladders (fixed and portable)
  9. Learn the various ways to personally protect yourself
  10. Learn the various hazards associated with guarded and unguarded machines

To receive a certificate/card for the course, students must:

  • Complete test with a passing score of 70%
  • Complete required paperwork. Registrations and evaluations are some examples.
  • Attend all required hours for the course

CEUs Awarded:

1.0 CEUs

Course Length:

10 hours
Certified Site Safety is your partner in acquiring your OSHA 10-hour General Industry Certification. Our qualified, friendly instructors will prepare you for the examination, helping you learn the material and receive your certification. To view currently scheduled OSHA 10-hour General Industry classes, visit our monthly calendar. If you do not see a class for the OSHA 10-hour Industry Classes training, call us and we will schedule one for you. All our courses are conducted at: 99 Lafayette Avenue, White Plains, NY 10603.
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